A: We strive to have a breadth of options that can accommodate all of our customers, including those with allergies. 

While you may use our “Restrictions” filter on the left hand side of our menu to determine what is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher, dairy free, we would encourage you to still ask us if you have a specific allergen that is not listed here.

Please give us 3 options of dishes you wish to order (preferably 1 day before your delivery), and our team will personally ask the restaurant partner if it is safe for you to eat. 

If the dish you’re interested in contains your allergen, we won’t be able to customize the order, as not to risk a mistake on the restaurant’s part or our part, but you can modify your dish section until 10am that same day of your delivery. 

Please note that all restaurants may prepare dishes in environments where cross contamination may occur. 

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