STADIUM Rewards is a customer loyalty program for anyone that orders on STADIUM. Organizers and lunch guests are given a points(virtual so don't worry about losing it!) and redeem a points for when they individually order food above $10. 

On your 10th punch you get 100 points! 

100 points gets you either $15 in Stadium credit or a $10 Amazon gift card. 

Check out your punch history here:
Redeem your rewards here:

We will constantly be expanding upon this rewards program so stay tuned! 

Here are the official rules of the game

  1. Both the organizer and the guests are eligible to receive points as long as they individually order $10 worth of food, regardless of who is paying (i.e. a lunch organizer who does not order for themselves would not receive points).
  2. Points cannot be merged with, or transferred to another email.
  3. This feature was launched on Friday, May 17 2019 so it only applies to lunches set up after that date.


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