Step 1: Fill out the form:

Step 2: Complete each section of the form and click INVITE. On clicking INVITE, your team will automatically receive an email with the menu link.

You may also share your team order link via Slack or email with your team. You'll find the link at the bottom of the form. 

Step 3:  You'll be asked to choose your delivery time slot and address before your check out. Be sure to check out before 10 am on order day

Helpful tips:

  • As the lunch organizer, you may add extra dishes for guests or team members to your order.
  • Your team will be able to add to the order even after you check out so you don't need to wait around for everyone to add their dish
  • After adding your dishes, you may check out at any time (before 10:00 am on order day).
  • Your group-lunch link will remain active until 10:00 am. 


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